IGI 2 Highly Compressed (Covert Strike) Free Download (100MB)

IGI 2 Highly Compressed (Covert Strike) Free Download (100MB)
  • Project IGI 2 Highly Compressed, for PC, free download, full version for Windows XP: IGI 2 Covert Strike is an action and shooting game. It is developed by Innerloop Studios and designed by Technical consultant Chris Ryan. It is published by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows and allow the single and multiple modes.

    Gameplay of IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game

    The story of the game is revealed in many cutscenes. These appear with the animated characters before and after the mission. The whole game is partitioned into 19 missions with particular objectives.

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    I.G.I 2

    During the mission of IGI 2 pc game, the player has to play silently with patience because the straightforward approaches are not providing many benefits. Stealthy movement can help the player to get better rank and highest scores. There are several paths in the mission, some are easy but some are noisy and difficult. Some missions allow the player to be undetected by the enemies or hide in the large groups in certain operations. But in some cases, the player has to hide completely in the whole mission.

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    covert strike

    Before beginning the game, the player is free hand to choose the level of difficulty, number of bullets, the Artificial intelligence level of the enemies and the level of saving games. In the whole game, you have to control the character jones that would carry out the mission. He is capable of entering in the locked, noiseless rooms, or into restricted areas (secret or private places of the armed forces).


    Some advanced weapons like Remote-controlled CR-4 are provided to him to hit the target. This explosive can destroy the whole building or area within the fraction of seconds. Through this explosive, he can attack from the distance and remain undetected by the enemies. You may like new shooting games, like Halo 2. See more games on the front page of a 2 z games.


    1. Processor: Pentium 4 / Athlon 1.2GHz
    2. RAM: 512 MB
    3. Video Card: 64 MB 3D
    4. Operating System: Windows 98 / ME / 2000/ XP
    5. Hard Disk Space:9 GB
    6. Soundcard: DirectX compatible

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Setup Size: 180 MB

   Download IGI 2 Highly Compressed

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