Cricket Games For Pc Free Download Full Version 2011

Cricket Games For Pc Free Download Full Version 2011
  • Cricket Games For Pc Free Download Full Version 2011: Cricket world game is an interesting game with amazing gameplay. It is reality based game. You have to control the players with the different options like spacebar for bowling etc. It is developed by HB Studios and published for Windows and PlayStation 2 platforms by Electronic Arts.

    ea cricket 2011

    Cricket 2011 PC Game Overview

    In EA cricket 2011 version, you can control many features like the adjustment of the bowling point with the arrow keys. You can lock the speed of the ball with the spacebar, and after you release the bowl then the speed of the bowl will increase. A line will appear that will show the speed of the bowl if the speed of the ball will exceed this line then it will be considered as no ball. If you release the ball that is closer to the speed line indicator than it will be the hardball, and the batsman will find it hard to hit. To run the batsman, press the up and down arrow key to man the single or double run. Download similar cricket game 2014.

    You can arrange your world cup competition, and you can include 14 teams for the world cup. After the team selection, fix the overs and the first batsman that will go if you win the toss. Select the head or tail, if you win then it’s up to you that you want batting or bowling. There is a mini-map fixed at the top right corner of the game that is added to see the view of the whole pitch and the position of the players. Also, Try these games, Cricket 2007, cricket 2009.


    Cricket 2011 Game System Requirements

    1. Processor: Pentium III / Athlon equivalent, 1 GHz.
    2. Ram: 256 MB.
    3. Operating System: Windows 2000 & Windows XP.
    4. Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce2+ or ATI Radeon 7500+ or Intel 865, 915
    5. DirectX Version: 9.0c
    6. Free Disk Space: 1.2 GB


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