Diablo 2 (Lord Of Destruction)

Diablo 2 (Lord Of Destruction)
  • (диабло 2 скачать) Diablo 2 Download Full Game on your PC, with full crack, highly compressed for any windows (7, 8,10) with Lord of Destruction. Diablo is a slash and action role-playing, and hack video game. It is developed by Blizzard North. Diablo 2 is published by Blizzard Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment, in 2000. It is directed by David Brevik, Erich Schaefer, and Max Schaefer. This game is programmed and designed with the horror sound and themes by David Brevik, Erich Schaefer, Max Schaefer, Rick Seis, and Phil Shenk. It is published on the platforms like Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, and Mac OS X.

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    Diablo II or 2 is an action slash & role-playing video game, which is produced by Blizzard North. And Blizzard Entertainment is marketing company which published the game in 2000 for following platforms, like MAC (OS & OS X), Windows (PC). David Brevik and Erich Schaefer are the designers and ideologists behind this horror themes and creative dark vision of the game. The producers are Bill Roper and the second one is Matthew Householder. Download Diablo 2 from below part of the post. (Source)

    Diablo II was at its peak in 2000, still, the best horror game ever produced. One of the crucial of game success is keeping stuck with dark themes from its old version and the second factor was free online service through battle.net. Evolution to Diablo 2’s, They released a new version in 2001, Diablo II: Lords of Destruction. Later, They declare to produce Diablo III in 2008, which was on screen in 2012. Diablo 2 free download full game pc windows 7.

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    The Story of Diablo II PC Game

    After Diablo, an updated version of this game was released: Diablo II. In this game, an unknown fighter defeated Diablo and tried to take the Lord of Terror’s powers in his body. The existence of the real hero was ruined by the demon’s soul that had caused demons to create destruction. A group of the strangers that were passing through this area, heard this story and ready to help them. Rogue Encampment was asked to find out the cause and starts with the corrupted: Dark Wanderer.

    In the start of the game, this story is revealed. The Soul stones are used in the games that are used to capture the Prime Evils and to lessen the power of the evils. With the Diablo’s soul stone, the demon can control the Dark Wanderer. The soul stone of Baal was combined with the mage Tal-Rasha, who agreed to sacrifice his life and ready to be prisoned in a tomb.

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    Can we play Multiplayer?

    We can play multiplayer though internet of Battle.net website. The first version of Diablo was unplayable online, while II version can be played online with multiplayer.

  • The game starts with the four actions, each action contains the planning of the paths, areas and key cities. Player has to pass the quest before each act, there is also an optional side to defeat the monsters and to get the bonus. In Diablo 1, the player plays and goes to the deeper levels of Gothic-themed hell. But in Diablo II, there are little variations in the themes and levels. Where to download diablo 2 full game for free? The answer is here.

    Act 1 is same in this as in the original. There is a simple palisade fort in the theme called Rogue Encampment, forests, grounds, plains, hilly areas, monastery areas and so on. Act 2 contains the Egypt’s desert and tombs. Act 3 is filled with the Central American Jungles (this is designed by getting encouraged by the Maya Civilization). Act 4 is short as compared to other acts, and it occurs in hell.

    After clearing the 4 Acts, the Lord of Destruction adds the next act for the player. Act 5 contains the mountains and hills, in which player has to move downward with alpine plateaus, hellish subterranean pits, ice tunnels, and caverns. He may face some monsters and enemies in the way of Arreat. When the player crosses all hurdles and reaches the Arreat then he gets the access to the world stone keep.

    In the game’s levels, the player may come across the cows appeared in the game. If you click on the cows then you found the different bonus and the door to enter into the secret level. This level is called “Secret Cow Level”. After entering, the story takes turns, and at this stage, the player is asked for each and every step that how to play the level after crossing the storm.

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    • Window: Win Vista, Win XP (Win 8, 10)
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Video Card: DirectX (800×600)
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • Hard Disk: 2GB

Installation Process:

  • Extract the file with Winrar.
  • Unmount the .iso file. (See video here to Lean Unmounting the file)
  • Install it.
  • Play it.


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