{{RePack}} Download Age of Mythology Extended Edition Tale of the Dragon

{{RePack}} Download Age of Mythology Extended Edition Tale of the Dragon

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  • Age of Mythology Download for PC: Age of mythology is real-time and mythology video game. It is developed by Ensemble Studios. It is published in Microsoft Windows, and OS X by Microsoft Game Studios.

    Age of Mythology Extended Edition PC Game

    Age of Mythology is all about defeating the enemies units and towns and building your own property. It is an interesting game with three cultures Greeks, Egyptians, and Norse. There is 3 major god in each culture, the player chooses the god and starts the game. When the player moves to next level then he has to select the minor god each time. Some minor gods are Bast, Aphrodite and so on. All gods have different god power that he gives to the player to fight against the enemies. You may try to play Red Alert 3.

    age of mythology extended edition tale of the dragon free download

    The player starts through the Archaic Age and advanced to the Classical Age, the Heroic Age, and the Mythic Age. As the player moves to advance age the new units and technologies are unlocked. Upgrading also requires the sum of resources that are used for the construction. There are 4 types of assets available in this game, food, gold, wood, and favor, the stone asset is excluded from this version. The player can use these assets to make the buildings, training units, technologies and so on. Civilian units are used to collect the resources, and they include the villagers, Norse accumulators and dwarfs, Laborers, and fishing boats. Download also IGI 3 PC GAME.

    You can get food by hunting the animals, fishing, and gathering the fruits from the plants. He can get the wood by cutting and chopping the trees. And gold is collected from the gold mines. The player can upgrade by using these resources or purchase them.

    1. Processor: 450 MHz
    2. RAM: 128 MB
    3. Video card: 16 MB
    4. Operating System: MS Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000.
    5. Hard disk space: 1.5 GB.
    6. Soundcard: Required

   Download Age of Mythology Tale of the Dragon

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