Download Super Mario Galaxy ISO

Download Super Mario Galaxy ISO
Free Download Super Mario Galaxy is the 3D super Mario series video game, full version, for pc, highly compressed.

This game is developed by Nintendo and published by Wii. Initially, it was released in 2007 but it was again released with enhanced features, in 2011, with the title: Nintendo Selects. It is available on Wii U’s eShop. The amazing universe feature and fighting make it interesting, Mario has to save the Princess Peach whilst and the universe from enemies. All levels are made up of small planets that are occupied by the galaxies.

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Super Mario Galaxy ScreenShots


The gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy ISO

is based on the outer space, in which Mario has to gather the power starts by passing through the different level of galaxies. These starts will help the Mario to defeat his enemies at the end of the mission. At each level player has to search the planetoids and orbits, it also contains the planetary objects that contain its gravitational force that will help the players to move around, upside or down the planetoids.

When the player jumps from one object in the galaxies then he falls on to another one. This game is 3D based but restrict the 2D plane. There is a spaceship that has 6 different domes that help the player to access the 42 level of the game. The 5 domes finish at the boss level where player has to kill the Bowser or Bowser Jr. After winning the boss level, you will get a Grand star that provides you the access to the other galaxies (these levels open with the power starts like Grand star).

At the beginning of the game, the player has access to the few galaxies, but by getting more powers stars further levels are automatically unlocked. After crossing the 120 Power Stars, Mario got the ability to play as Luigi. He faces more challenges to get further awards and power stars that will help the player in the boss levels.

This game is only available on the Wii and the player is controlled by the Nunchuk and Wii Remote. Most of the characteristics of Mario are copied from the previous series of Super Mario 64 like wall jump, long jump, somersaults, and Star Pointer. Star Pointer is shown when Wii remote pointer is pointed towards the screen and is used to carry the special konpeito-shaped objects (Star Bits). Star bits are used to kill the enemies, change the hurdles, to provide food to the LUMAS. Pull stars pointer are also available that is used to pull Mario to space. During the bubble attack, a player might be enclosed in the bubble, but he can come out by using the star pointer.

Multimode Players

Super Mario Galaxy supports the multimode by the option called Co-star. The 1st player controls the movement of the Mario while the second player controls the Star pointer via Wii Remote to kill the enemies and to collect the Star Bits. The 2nd player can also control some movements of the Mario like jumps etc. If both players at a time press the “A” from Keyboard then, the height of the Mario will be increased.

Download Super Mario Galaxy ISO PC Game

Steps for Super Mario Galaxy ISO PC free download the pc game.

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2- Choose which version you want to install.

3- Follow the instructions future.

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