Duke Nukem 3d Download for PC

Duke Nukem 3d Download for PC

Duke Nukem 3d, Manhatten project, Dosbox, and Atomic edition, free download, full version for pc, mac, android.

  • Duke Nukem 3D Download: It is a 1st perspective shooting game. DN 3D is developed by 3D Realms and designed by Allen H. Blum III & Richard Gray. It is released by GT Interactive Software for MS-DOS Platform. It supports single and multiple players.

    Gameplay of Nukem 3d PC Game

    The gameplay is like Doom as it also includes the movement of the player level by level by killing the enemies comes in the way. The environs in this game are cooperative as well as destructive. Because the player destroys most of the piles in this game. The game is featured with the large variety of the enemies that may include non-human creatures or alien.

    Duke Nukem 3d

    The gaming levels are not simple, as it does not contain the simple and direct path toward the destination. The player has to use air ducts, backdoors or drains in order to find the money or avoid opponents. There are many hurdles and killing object that player have to cross. Sometimes, it benefits him and sometimes it may cause his death. There are health point or diversion or quotes that is helpful for the player.

    Duke Nukem

    The character Duke is guider and helps the player to complete his task. He also provides weapon kit named Mighty Foot that consists of a pistol, freezing and shrinking rays, laser landmines, a shot or a triple-barreled chain gun, a rocket launcher, bombing pipes, and Devastator rocket launcher. There is an anti-weapon of shrink ray named Expander, it is only available in the Atomic edition of IGI.

    Nukem 3d free download

    1. Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7.
    2. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2.
    3. RAM: 1 GB
    4. Hard Disk space: 10 GB.
    5. Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS.
    6. Sound Card: DirectX Compatible.


 Now download Duke Nukem 3d, Atomic edition, Manhatten project, Dosbox, and more.

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