Freedom Fighters Game Download Highly Compressed

Freedom Fighters Game Download Highly Compressed
  • Freedom Fighters Game Download: It is the third person perspective shooter game. It is published on PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox and Microsoft Windows by Electronic Arts. Its developer is IO Interactive. Freedom Fighters Free download game for PC.

    freedom fighters game free download

    Freedom Fighters Pc Game

    Freedom Fighters 2013 game is based upon the history in which the Soviet Union attacked and occupied The New York. The Christopher Stone lead a group army to resist the attack. In this game, the player acts as Christopher Stone and save the New York City. Check also days gone pc game compressed game.

    In the mission, player crosses through the streets with his army and fight with the Soviet forces. The player wins the plus points when he attacks the enemies and destroys the supplies of enemies. If the player gains maximum points then he gets more powerful weapons with the additional squad. Player gives the simple commands to his squad like follow me, attack, defend, shoot and so on.

    This version allows single and multimode gameplay. You can see the flags and bunkers on the map when you are playing in the multiplayer mode. Flags are found in the center of the map and the bunkers are present around the map. At a time four players can play, the screen splits into 4 section and each player selects either Soviet army or American.

    freedom fighters game

    Players will get different types of weapons in the war. The types of weapons are dependent on the selection of the army. In the beginning, each player gets the army of 8 soldiers because their charisma meters values are fixed to eight. The values in the meter increase when the player kills the enemies point. Days gone is much similar to Freedom fighters video game.

    1. Processor: Pentium III / Athlon equivalent with 733 MHz speed
    2. RAM: 128 MB
    3. Operating System: Windows 98 or ME or 2000 or XP
    4. Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce or above / ATI Radeon or above
    5. Sound Card: Required
    6. Hard disk space: 650 MB
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   Freedom Fighters Highly Compressed

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