Lion King Game Download

Lion King Game Download

Lion king game download free for PC

The lion king game is based on the animated film of Disney land. 

Its developer is Westwood Studios and publisher are Virgin Interactive Entertainment. 

It is developed for Game Boy, Genesis, Amiga, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, PC, Game Gear, and Master System platforms. 

The Download Lion King pc game is one old school game but worth appreciation.

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Game Members:

1. Director: Louis Castle

2. Producers: Louis Castle, Patrick Gilmore, and Paul Curasi

3. Designer: Seth Mendelsohn

4. Programmers: Rob Povey, and Barry Green

5. Artists: John Fiorito, Alex Schaeffer, Christina Vann, and Ann-Bettina Colace

6. Composers: Sega Genesis, Amiga PC, Matt Furniss, Allister Brimble, Super NES, Frank Klepacki, Dwight Okahara, John Wright, Zack Bremner, and Patrick Collins.

See System Requrements


  1. RAM: 1 GB
  2. Hard disk space: 1 GB
  3. Input devices: mouse,
  4. keyboard or joystick
  5. Sound Card: Required
  6. Operating system: Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows XP
  7. Graphics card: 8 MB
  8. Processor: Pentium 90 Hz


1. RAM: 2 GB

2. Hard disk space: 2 GB

3. Input devices: mouse, keyboard or joystick

4. Sound Card: Required

5. Operating system: Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows XP, Window 7

6. Graphics card: 8 MB

7. Processor: Pentium 90 Hz

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Gameplay of LION KING PC Game

The Lion King game download is the scrolling game in which the player has to control the Simba character. During the game, he goes from child to adult stages as the levels increases. It is partitioned into two phase. In the first phase of the game, the player controls the child Simba. He has to jump to defeat the enemies and nothing hard task during his child life. Simba can roar to stun the enemies for some moments. His roaring power can be seen in the replenishable meter which can also be used to solve the puzzles.

lion king free download
lion king free download

In the second phase of the game, the player controls the adult Simba and get power, abilities and special moves (like scratching, throwing, and mauling). The player should also take care of the health meter of Simba because Simba can die if he ran out of health. Simba can also die if he is hit by the obstacle or fall into the bottomless pit. King of Fighters game, super mario maker and Gears of war are newly posted on our website, check and play.

lion king game
lion king game for pc

In whole game, the player has to collect the hurdles or bugs to help others. Some elements increase the health of the Simba or roaring power but some cause his death. Some special elements increase the remainder of these meters. Some Black spider bits him and decrease his health power. If the Simba has found all hidden bugs in some levels then he can get the chance to participate in the bonus levels. In the bonus levels, Simba fight with Timonor and Pumbaa in order to get lives. In the Pumbaa stage, he has to collect the falling element when they reach the ground, and in the Timonor stage, he is time-bound and has to collect the bugs by avoiding the spiders. There was some technical issue in the PC version of the game, but now it is retained. 

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