Namaste America Game Download For PC

Namaste America Game Download For PC

Namaste America Game Download for Windows 7, Windows 10, for PC:

  • GTA Namaste America free download is action and adventurous video game. It is an open world game that provides the leisure to the player to enjoy the gaming world.

    It is enriched with the stealth and role-playing elements. Its structure is similar to the previous version of the games. It is basically a 3rd person shooter game. The player is assigned the missions in which he has to drive and shoot that person. This game also provides the open world feature in which he can walk around the world rather than completing the mission.

    The player is allowed to walk or run, climb, jump, swim and use various types of weapons. He can also steal and drive different types of vehicles such as buses, boats, tanks, aircraft, automobiles, helicopters, semis, trains, and bikes. When you steal the vehicle than police will chase you to arrest.

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    G.T.A Namaste America is a non-linear world that gives free-hand to the player to play in his own way. While some storylines are necessary for him to follow and to gain the success. Some cities and weapons are locked, the player can unlock them for his own pleasure and amusements, as it is not a part of the storyline.

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    The player is can move freely and visit different places in America. He can eat in the restaurants, attack the public and can cause damage. In these cases, you may be arrested by the police or may be killed. If the level of the attack is sensitive and severe the FBI, swat team and military may come to save public.

  • Namaste America game

    Namaste America Game download

  • >> Operating System: Windows XP / 7

    >> CPU: Pentium 4 / AMD XP

    >> RAM: 384MB

    >> Free Hard Disk Space:7GB

    >> Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible

    >> Input devices: Keyboard, mouse

Namaste America game Download for PC

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Size: 700 MB

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