Online wrestling games have been always on top of the list since last few years. These games are one of the good source of entertainment for people. Using the right strategy and beating your opponent in a way to reach the hall of fame is the ultimate goal of the games.

WWE games 2K18 was launched a few days back and has been the center of attention for all the game lovers. There are quite a lot of improvements that are seen in it when compared to the previous version of the game. Although, it still has some disappointments in it too.

Lets first talk about the good things!

The developers have paid a quite a lot of time on the graphic of the game. Thus, the visual is way better than the WWE 2k17. The lighting gives a boost to the whole scene. It impacts the graphics during the entrance, backstage and different parts of the arena in different ways. These effects have made the game a lot more realistic and fun to play.

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Besides this, one cool thing about the game is the audience. Well, you can never miss out the cheers from the crowd no matter what game you are playing. The faces in the audience are different for every game. They keep cheering and shouting to make the game a bit more fun.

All the games are fun whether you play single or in teams. You can choose between tag teams, royal rumbles, triple threat, and singles. All of these are worth playing.

The game also has my Wrestler feature. It helps you in creating and designing your own wrestler. You can change the face and clothes of the characters. Besides this, add your own logos, pictures, and tattoos on your characters. Not only this, you can even choose the fabric of the clothes that your wrestler will wear.

There is also my career mode in it. It includes all the details of your career in the game. The aim of the game is to take your character to the hall of fame which features the name of all the legends. Besides this, it also has another mode which is called Road to glory.

You can even interact with other characters as well. Thus, it will keep you engaged all level and prevent you from getting bored with the game.

The game is fun, but there are few setbacks as well that you will see when you move further in the game. The commentary is very boring and dull. There is no improvement in it since the last version of the game.

Besides this, the game is a bit slow to load, thus most of the time you might have to spend staring at the loading screen.


The game overall is a lot better than the previous versions. However, there are few setbacks that are still present since the WWE 2017. Although, one reason for it is that the game is launched every year, so the developers don’t get enough time to improve the game.


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