Virtua Cop 2 Game Free Download Full Version For PC

Virtua Cop 2 Game Free Download Full Version For PC


Virtua Cop II PC Game, V cop Free download, full version, for windows, PC.

  • Virtua Cop 2 Game Free Download for PC: Virtua Cop 2 is a light gun arcade game. It is developed & published by Sega AM2. It is released for the platforms of Arcade, Saturn, Windows, Dreamcast, and PlayStation 2. It allows single and multiple players.

    Virtual Cop 2

    Main Characters

    1. Michael Hardy

    He does a part-time job and will be available when the things are out of control.

    1. James Cools

    He is a partner of Michael and helps him to stop the bad guys. He is expert in a gunfight.

    1. Janet Marshall: She is a new VCPD detective in the investigations squad. She takes revenge for her dead partners.

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    Virtual II GAME

    The game is based on the 3 levels. Player has to clear it by adopting proper path. It contains several checkpoints from where he can choose the route. In this game, the player has to shoot the enemies before the time runs out. There are different object present in the background and they can be damaged if the shot gets wrong. This can cause the negative marking. Did you play IGI 2 Highly compressed?

    v cop 2

    Player will earn more scores from justice shots. Justice shot means UN hold an enemy weapon without killing him. When the player reaches the end of the level, he fights with the boss. If the player wins the fight, then he will earn bonus point otherwise play again. After passing the three levels, there is a big boss battle. You may like another famous gun shooting game Duke Nukem 3d for pc.

    The player can get training on the Proving Ground. It helps the player to deal with the variety of the life hazards. Each Proving Ground provides the real-time environment for dealing the enemies.

    1. Operating System: Window XP, Window 7, Windows Vista, Windows 98
    2. Processor: 133 MHz
    3. Hard disk space: 40 MB
    4. RAM: 32 MB
    5. Soundcard: Required
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Virtua Cop 2 Games Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, XP

Size: only 19,23 MB

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